Money Worries?

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Get up to $2500 on your first loan with CCL.

An installment loan from CCL is the clear choice for cash, when you need it fast!

More cash on your first loan

Most online payday lenders will only offer you up to $500 on your first loan. What if you need more? At Clear Creek, we have your short-term cash needs covered with installment loans from $1,500 to $2,500 for first time borrowers!

Our rates save you money

Your APR on a Clear Creek loan is typically much lower than fees charged by online payday lenders. Plus, with a track record of on-time payment, we will reduce your rate on future loans.

No penalty for early payoff

Customer Loyalty

For a limited time Clear Creek Lending is giving you the opportunity to earn rewards with each new loan you make.

  • Discounted loans
  • Larger loans
  • Priority processing
  • No re-application

Manage Your Loan

Use our customer site to monitor your progress on paying off your loan, view your loan history, or easily take out a new loan without having to reapply.

It's just one of the ways Clear Creek Lending makes getting the cash you need as easy and fast as possible.

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